After Building Cleaning

1. Remove all manufacturers’ labels from installed fittings.
2. Clean any paint or plaster from floors, windows, window frames and sills.
3. Clean and wash all skirting boards and doors.
4. Clean all electrical sockets and switches.
5. Spot clean walls and ceilings.
6. Clean all fitted cupboards inside and out.
7. Clean and polish all work surfaces and woodwork.
8. Clean toilets inside and out.
9. Wash bathroom tiles and white fittings.
10. Vacuum all carpeted areas and wash all non-carpeted floors.
11. Ensure the property is dust free throughout.

Years of Experience​

After Build Cleaning Services in North London: Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaner


When it comes to after-build cleaning, there can be a lot of mess left behind. Whether you’re having construction work done or just renovating a room, the results can easily leave your space covered with dust and debris. To make sure that the area is spotless and ready to be lived in, hiring a professional cleaner is your best bet!

At Clean it Exterior, we offer comprehensive after-build cleaning services for homes and businesses throughout North London. We come equipped with all the necessary tools and materials needed to thoroughly clean any space, no matter how much mess has been left behind. Our team of experienced cleaners are available to tackle even the toughest jobs around – from delicate furniture cleaning to heavy duty mopping and scrubbing.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should consider enlisting our help after completing a build or renovation:


Professionalism – With years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning, our team knows exactly how to approach any job. We use only high-quality products that are safe for your space while being powerful enough to get rid of dirt and grime quickly and easily.

Time-saving – Handling an after-build clean on your own can take days or even weeks depending on the scale of construction. By hiring us as your trusted cleaners, you can have your property back in order in less time than ever before!

Cost efficiency – Replacing damaged items due to improper cleaning can be costly; whereas with us taking care of the job for you, there’s no need for extra expenditure as it’s our equipment! 

So when it comes time for an after build clean, make sure to call Clean it Exterior first! Our professional service will ensure that everything looks perfect without any hassle or worry on your part.


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What People Say

The clean it team brought our office's external rendered walls back to life, was very impressed with the service.

Dave Benson

DB Recruitment

We use Clean It Exterior for all our commercial cleaning requirements, always there for us when we need them. 

Sarah Mellor

Brockbank Solutions

They softwashed our home and brought the rendered walls back to life, very impressed with the service.

John Williams

Home owner

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