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You can easily arrange to have your bricks cleaned when you call 01243263041 and request an appointment. Our specialised brick cleaning team will know the exact cleaning method your property will need, from hot or cold, low or high pressure.

The Exterior Cleaning Company Worthing and surrounding towns, cities and counties welcome all types of exterior cleaning enquiries from home owners, property managers and building owners.

It is very important to have your brick cleaning as the algae, carbon pollutants or moss will prevent the walls from breathing. Once your walls will stop breathing you will get all sorts of problems.

A four bedroom detached house can be cleaned within a day and it will save you all the problems you can get when your walls are not breathing well. Did you know that when your walls are not breathing, you will get mould on your interior walls? When you have mould inside your house, it might very well be because the exterior wall is not breathing well.

Submit your cleaning project in the form bellow and we will take care of the rest. We also have subscription plans and a regular cleaning and maintenance project could save you lots of money.

Brick Cleaning cleaning methods.

Depending on the age of your property you will need either a soft clean wash or a pressure wash. Pressure washing is the most common method of cleaning a brick wall. But there are times when the brick will not handle high pressures and will need a more gentle approach. Here comes a method used only by the pro, which is called Doff Steam Cleaning. Doff is a machine that heats the water to a temperature of 150 degrees C. Because the water is heated there is no need to use high pressure.

So a house that is made of a softer brick will need softer cleaning method which is doff steaming it. The heated water will kill all the bacteria’s that might dwell on your walls and it will make your walls as beautiful as new.

You should consider soft cleaning your brick walls at all times or the high pressure will damage your pointing.

So when you choose a cleaning company, be wise, don’t go with the cheap company that promises you cheap cleaning and cheap services because you will end up paying double. Choose the company that knows what it is doing and is eager to leave a smile on your face!


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