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Building & Render Cleaning

Using our specialist cleaning equipment we are able to clean any building exterior surface weather it be pressure washing the brick work, acid washing the brickwork, removing graffiti from walls or cleaning render.

Brick Work Cleaning

Using our specialist pressure washing/steam cleaning equipment and knowledge of chemicals we are able to clean any exterior brickwork whether it be water stains, mould, algae, moss or even graffiti removal.

Render Cleaning

The main types of render commonly used are: Sand and Cement Render, Monocouche Render, Thin Coat Acrylic and Silicone Render and Exterior Wall Insulating Render. The most common render that is currently used is Monocouche which doesn’t require painting as the colour is in the render but it does need periodically cleaning. Using high pressure to clean render is not advisable as it damages the surface. Using our tried and tested method we are able to clean render using low pressure hence avoiding damage and restoring the render to its former glory.

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