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gutter cleaning bognor regis

Gutter Cleaning Bognor Regis

Using our specialist gutter cleaning Bognor Regis high level gutter vacuum cleaning equipment we can carry out effective gutter cleaning without the use of ladders or access equipment over obstacles such as conservatories and extensions. Our gutter clearing vacuum equipment can clear gutters up to 52 feet (5 stories) from the safety of the ground. We then flush/test your gutters to ensure that there are no leaks and the gutters are flowing correctly. We can also clean the outside of your gutters, soffits and fascias to make them spotlessly clean.

Full and overflowing gutters cause water damage to your property. The best way to prevent water damage is to have your gutters cleaned annually by an experienced gutter cleaning Bognor Regis based company.

Reasons to have your gutters cleaned in Bognor Regis

  • Full & Blocked Gutters Cause Damp & Mould to Grow Inside Your Home
  • Heavy Organic Matter Inside The Gutter is Heavy & Causes Gutters to Break

Don’t hesitate call us today, to have gutter cleaning Bognor Regis come and clean out your gutters.

Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd have been gutter cleaning Bognor Regis for more than ten years. Our Checkatrade reviews speak for themselves!

We also provide………….

Conservatory Cleaning

Using our specialist low pressure high reach conservatory roof cleaning equipment we can reach to the top of your conservatory roof making sure that your conservatory is spotless from top to bottom. We can also carry out interior conservatory cleaning giving your conservatory a full valet!

Cladding Cleaning

If you have an external cladding on your building, you may already know that they are very quick to get dirty and become discoloured. Cladding plays a major role in the first impression of your house and with our professional services, you could make it look like brand new.

Removing Moss and Lichen from Roofs

Roofs are often forgotten when people think about cleaning the outside of their property but the buildup of moss on roofs is not only unsightly but also blocks gutters and can be a nuisance when it falls off of the roof and onto paths and patios. We offer two different roof moss removal solutions to for you, the first being to scrape/brush the roof to remove the moss we then spray it with a moss killer/repellent, the other option for roof moss removal is simple cleaning. Gutter Cleaning Bognor Regis

UPVC Cleaning

Upvc is common place on modern buildings it is used on windows, cladding, signage etc. Upvc is used as it is maintenance free, meaning no painting etc, but it still gets dirty so it still needs to be cleaned. Using our high reach UPVC cleaning equipment we can clean your all of your UPVC and make it look like new again.

Where do we cover?

We are based near Bognor Regis, West Sussex and serve all the surrounding towns including Chichester, Littlehampton, Worthing, Midhurst and all the villages in the area. Please contact us, even if you think you are outside our area and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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