Floor Scrubber

Is your commercial flooring looking dull and scratched?


Look no further for a professional cleaning service. Our experienced operatives use the most advanced scrubber dryers to clean, refresh and renew any type of lino or non slip floors – from sandstone to porcelain tiles! Not only will your floor look squeaky-clean but also be safe with our deep cleansing process.

Years of Experience​

With years of experience in this area, you can trust that we know how to get rid of even the toughest stains quickly and efficiently whilst restoring its shine so that it looks as good as new. Plus you won’t have to worry about drying times either – once we’re done with our work, you’ll be able to walk on it instantly!


Our scrubber dryer is a powerful tool that can be used for cleaning and restoring floors. The key benefit of this machine is the ability to effectively clean and restore the floor without the need for manual scrubbing or mopping. This machine uses an oscillating brush head to quickly and easily remove dirt, debris, and grime from the floor surface. Additionally, it utilizes a squeegee attachment to suck up any excess water, ensuring that no water damage or water build up occurs afterwards. Scrubber dryers are fast, efficient and leave floors looking like new when used by our trained technicians


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What People Say

The clean it team brought our office's external rendered walls back to life, was very impressed with the service.

Dave Benson

DB Recruitment

We use Clean It Exterior for all our commercial cleaning requirements, always there for us when we need them. 

Sarah Mellor

Brockbank Solutions

They softwashed our home and brought the rendered walls back to life, very impressed with the service.

John Williams

Home owner

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