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Roof cleaning in the United Kingdom is undergoing a revolution. A fast transformation in modern technology has allowed the safe treatment of roofs which stay cleaner 4 – 6 times longer than pressure washing a roof would.

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Roof Cleaning Services

The problem with pressure washing a roof clean, is that pressure often causes damage to the tiles patina. The tile becomes spongy over a few months soaking up rainfall and leaving you with a costly roof replacement project on your hands. Not only that, when you pressure wash a roof clean, the organic matter spores are not entirely killed off, they quickly regrow thicker, leaving you with another roof cleaning task to undertake.

SoftWashing is safe for roof cleaning projects on private dwellings or commercial buildings. When the roof has been SoftWashed clean, the organic matter will not re grow back. Any future growth will only be new growth. Softwashed roofs stay cleaner for longer!


A Softwash roof cleaning test was carried out in Sept 2012 in Ashford, Kent to a domestic property when it was brand new. The roof was treated with a safe biodegradable SoftWash roof cleaning solution. The picture of the roof which is on this page was taken in January 2019. The roof has never become infested with any type of organic matter in over 6 years. The neighbouring properties roofs which have had no cleaning or treatment carried out are infested with lichens, cyanobacteria’s and mosses. Prevention is far cheaper than the cure.

Roof Cleaning Services

When You Need Roof Cleaning in North London or Hertfordshire or for any roof cleaning project to offices, leisure centres, cinemas, houses call us on 0208 088 9004 to arrange your SoftWash roof treatment and cleaning.

Flat roofs such as EPDM membrane types quickly become infested with biological matter and often become very dark in appearance. In commercial buildings these roofs become hot, forcing the internal air conditioning to work harder, using more energy than is really needed.

Flat Membrane roof cleaning needs be undertaken more frequently due to large pools of water sitting after rainfall. These pools quickly become infested with dark organic pollution. Softwashing rather than pressure washing is essential.

Pressure washing a flat roof will kick up this foul-smelling matter and often push it into air intakes as well as air conditioning units found on the building’s roof. Sick Building syndrome can be blamed for workforce absenteeism.

This can be caused by moulds and biological spores growing nearby, which causes sore throats and irritation to the respiratory system.

Clean roofs create a healthy building.

Customer Testimonials

Customer in Hertfordshireclear moss from roof
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Professional and polite workman, who worked consistently and diligently to get the job done. Due to the size of our roof they ended up putting in a very long day, as they did not want to leave it part finished. All moss was scraped from the tiles, then a soft wash system applied, not jet washing, which can damage the roof tiles. Great job.
Customer in HertfordshireCleaned gutters, pvc windows and doors
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Almost 15 years since we had our driveway and we did little to look after it with regards to weeds and moss etc during this period. Gentleman who was very pleasant to deal and arrived for work on the agreed date and time. Work was done in approximately day and a half. We were very pleased with the result.
Customer in North LondonClean of all UPVC conservatory and gutters/ windows
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Recently moved into property - conservatory, gutters, windows very dirty/ Green and blocked. And now flushed and cleaned - like new!

Eco Friendly Chemicals

SoftWashing when used for treating and cleaning render, including K-Rend, Monocouche, Weber, Parex and similar, leaves the surface sanitised. When the render has been treated with a SoftWash solution which contains eco friendly chemicals the surface will stay cleaner for up to 4-6 times longer than when pressure washed.

SoftWashing is the best method when used for treating and cleaning

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